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At Jared James Enterprises we do more than just coach and train real estate professionals. In some cases we actually do for them the things that Jared teaches to create a more predictable lead flow so that they can focus on and spend their time doing what they do best; working with clients and selling houses!

For that reason we have two different marketing packages to help you create leads. Check them out below.

real estate training, real estate coaching, real estate speaker

Marketing - Pro (Make sure to watch this video in it's entirety)


Interested in having your partial leads converted to full leads for only $89/month? (Only works in the United States)

Marketing Pro

- Starting at $99/month - for the first zip code (Plus whatever you budget for your ads)               

For $99/month we will manage and create the ads and landing pages necessary to create as many buyer and seller leads as your budget allows for.

Best of all, we so believe in what we do and the results that we can create for you we don't even require a long-term agreement. If we don't perform on our promise, you can leave at any time!

Don't waste any more time though because once someone purchases the exclusive rights to your area we can no longer work with anyone else in that area and even without exclusivity, we only allow up to three clients per zip code.

Make sure you have watched the video above but if you are still unsure and have more questions you need answered first, feel free to fill out the consultation below.

What Others Are Saying...

Listings Package (Make sure to watch this video in it's entirety)

Listings Package

- Starting at $99/month (Plus whatever you budget for your posts)

For as low as $99/month you can hire us to promote yours or your broker's listings to create buyer and seller leads either before they hit the open market through "coming soon" ads or after they are available to the general public or even drive traffic to your open houses and much more. Think of us as being your "Digital Sunday Paper" for the 21st century!

Using your Facebook Page (we can create one if you don't have one now) we will specifically target the ideal buyer for your listings by location, income or anything else that is required to supply you with potential leads that you never would have had. Keep in mind that you don't have to be active on social media for this to work for you.

More importantly you can use our marketing in your listing presentation as an advantage to working with you since you will be leveraging the best targeting that the internet has to offer!

Don't wait! Watch the video above and then sign up or if you are still unsure and have questions you can fill out for a free consultation below. It's time for you to dominate your local area by receiving more leads than you ever thought was possible!

real estate training, real estate coaching, real estate speaker

"First day of really having my listings package in place with the JJE Marketing Team and my first lead has turned into a sale. All I can say is WOW!"

-Kelly Weber, New Jersey