How Do You Gain Confidence in Real Estate?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can maximize your confidence when dealing with sales, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to break down how you can gain confidence into four simple steps that should, if implemented correctly, turn your fears, embarrassments, and uncertainty into a new-found sense of accomplishment, certainty, and assurance. This process will deal with reframing how you deal with negativity, pitfalls, and the unknown- which, surprisingly, isn’t so scary after all. Your success moving forward will be dependent on following these steps, no matter how hard the learning curve is. The quicker you can learn to substitute your skill for talent, the quicker you can start measuring and increasing your success.

First, let’s define skill. Skill, especially in an ever-growing market, applies to people who can seemingly flourish by simply charming others, telling jokes, and being outgoing; however, as this growing market expands, the amount of skilled individuals grows as well. If everyone is as funny, as outgoing, and as clever as everyone else, how can YOU be the best? Well, that’s where talent comes in. Talent is something that is learned, and something that can only be gained when you have a sense of confidence in yourself, and in your craft.

Now that we’ve defined the above, let’s get down to the four ways YOU can increase your confidence, and consequently, your skill.

1) Practice.

Confidence comes from a sense of certainty. Practice will allow you to hone your skills, which undoubtedly increases your sense of confidence. Nobody has ever gotten good at anything by just thinking about it- you must act. How can you practice? Develop dialogues in order to always expect the unexpected. Have the answers to everything, and then there is no fear within you. The absence of this fear gives way to confidence.

2) Screw up.

In order to get results, you ultimately must screw up. Feeling the emotion of embarrassment (versus feeling the FEAR of embarrassment) will allow you to grow in ways that would be impossible without the failure. The effect of feeling these negative, fleeting emotions reframes the way that we will approach future instances. By experiencing the things that you fear the most, not only are you desensitized to something you deemed extremely traumatizing, but you are also given the opportunity to grow and learn, knowing first-hand the chain of events that led up to the failure. Instead of looking at a failure as just that, reframe it and ask yourself “How can I change this for next time?”, “What did I learn from this?”.

3) Celebrate small victories.

A majority of the thoughts we have during the day are negative. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the negative- keep track of all the positive things that you have done thus far. Constantly thinking of the negative is not cohesive with growing your own confidence- instead, reflect, learn, and move on from the negatives.

4) Get help.

Generally first you learn, then you earn; however, a key part of the equation is certainly missing here, and that is *execution*. You must actually execute before you earn. Things don’t just happen from thinking about it, which means that you must actually have a game plan ready to go once you learn. Many people find execution to be the hardest part of this equation, which is why it’s always recommended to GET HELP. Whether this help is through our company or another company, you must find some personality to relate to who is able to walk you through the various stages of execution.

Now that we’ve outlined the 4 ways that you can gain more confidence, you should be ready to implement these steps in your average day-to-day in order to really maximize the skill that you have. Confidence is the most important thing you can have, and now you know how easy it is to get it. Go get it.

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Coach

There are many reasons why you should take the next step in your business and hire a coach. It’s not as simple as just knowing you need one, it’s knowing why and how they can help. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 biggest reasons for you to get off the fence and get started with a coach.

1.    Accountability

As we approach the end of 2018, it is likely that you have created a goal list for your business in 2019. Do you have a plan to accomplish these goals? Did you accomplish all of the goals that you set for yourself in 2018? It is easy to make excuses and procrastinate certain tasks, but when you have someone holding you accountable, it’s harder to avoid these things. Think about where you and your business would be if you had followed through with everything you intended in the last year. Don’t miss out on those things in 2019.

Think about where you and your business would be if you had followed through with everything you intended in the last year.

2.    Support and encouragement  

Let’s face it. The industry is tough on even the best of agents. Even agents at the top of their game have moments after a closing where they wonder, “will it ever happen again?”. Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then. A good coach knows when it’s time to cut through your excuses and when it’s time to encourage and push you forward. They will push you out of your comfort zone but also help teach you in those moments and make the most of the resources they give you.

3.     Financial freedom

If you have been on the fence about getting started with a coach it is likely that you are focused on the cost of a coaching program. Have you done your research on the return that you will get from your investment in a coach? Our average One on One student increased their sales volume by over 69% last year and their gross commission by over 48%. Too many agents focus on what coaching costs instead of looking at what not investing in coaching costs them. How much more could you save, give to others and experience if your income raised on average by over 48%? One of the first things we do with a new student is a full audit of their finances to figure out where they are wasting money that could potentially be eliminated from their monthly expenses. In many cases we are able to save them more money than they are spending on coaching to begin with. 

Too many agents focus on what coaching costs instead of looking at what not investing in coaching costs them.

4. Outside perspective

It's so difficult to grow to a level that is not seen in your area by following the example of those from your area. There is such an advantage to hiring a coach with an outside perspective who's part of a network of successful agents from all over the world. They will give you ideas and strategies to follow, creating an advantage for you to dominate your marketplace. It can be so helpful and important to take a step back from the way that you and other agents in your area have been doing things, and start looking at your business with a new perspective.

5. Structure

When you look at many of the top real estate professionals in your local market, the one area almost all struggle with is proper structure. It's sad that we operate in an industry where if you succeed, or achieve perceived success on any level, then you are probably going to hate your life and be afraid to go on vacation. A coach can not only help you understand that you need to build a good boat if you want to go fishing, but they can walk you through the various models and how to achieve them to ultimately create a predictable and scalable real estate business. 

Are you ready to get a coach?

I run one of the top real estate coaching companies in North America. The hours and hours of real estate classes that you take only teach you how to pass an exam; Not how to build a business. That's where we come in. Click below to schedule a FREE coaching strategy session with my team to see how we can help you hit your 2019 goals and beyond!

If we’re not connected on the social platforms I’m on, let’s change that. Visit and follow me! Feel free to send me over a message and let me know that you’ve signed up for your free coaching strategy session.

- Jared James

5 Steps to the Perfect 2019

We’re only a few days away from 2019. This means that the holiday season is quickly approaching and things are about to get busy. Sometime in the next 50 days, you should be planning for 2019. What will your business look like? What are your goals? There is a lot of important information to figure out! Lucky for you we’re here to help. Here are 5 things that you need to be doing to have a great 2019.

1. Know what happened in 2018

It simply isn’t enough to know what is happening today. It is extremely important to take a look at the past 12 months, both in your own business as well as the real estate industry as a whole. Let’s start with the industry.


  • 55 years old

  • Lived in their home for 9 years before selling

  • Most common reason for selling was because the home was too small for their needs

  • Their new home purchased was within 20 miles of their last home

How does this information come into play for 2019? If the average home seller is 55 and looking for a bigger home, you can use that information to your advantage when marketing new listings! When creating Facebook ads for example, start the age demographic around 55 when promoting a larger home! You can also target your ad language to speak to someone who has lived in a home for a substantial amount of time and is looking to have more space. Use the information to your advantage!  

Now let’s talk about buyers.


  • 46 years old

  • 63% were married couples

  • 33% were first time homebuyers

  • 87% purchased their home through an agent

  • 55% looked online at properties as the first step in their search

  • Buyers need 7.2 years on average to save a 20% downpayment

Again, this information is so useful. As online home searching becomes more and more prevalent, it is important to you as an agent to make sure that your marketing is up to par! When promoting listings on the market, target them to married couples around the 46 year old age range. Be clear in what the home features, and even gear it more towards things that a newly married couple or first time homebuyer would be interested in (perhaps a 2 car garage or open concept floor plan for entertaining).


Before diving into this, do me a favor and download my 2019 business plan here. Take a look at page 5. Here you will see a sheet with a breakdown of your 2018. Fill this out and recap your year. Learn where your business came from – it will be important when planning for 2019! This brings us to our next point: knowing your numbers.

Download your 2019 Business Plan Now!

Download your 2019 Business Plan Now!

2. Know your numbers and how to reach them

To help with this, I’ve also created a digital plan for 2019 that you can download here. This plan breaks down your business from the past 12 months and organizes it into sections based on your source of business. For example, how much did you invest in social media and what was the return on that? How much business are you generating from referrals? It then asks you to create goals for 2019. Based on your GCI and stats from you 2018 year, it will determine what needs to happen in 2019. From how many listings you need to close to how many conversations you need to be having per week, this planner is the perfect tool to get on track.  

3.    Commit to change

What will you commit to in 2019? Will it be more social media use? Focusing more on gaining clients through methods other than referrals? While it’s great to know what you should be doing in 2019, the most important part is committing to it.


Figure out what your best uses of time are, what you’ve been doing wrong, and what you’ll commit to changing in the New Year. Lucky for you, there is a section for this in my business plan as well! Get to it!

4.    Plan your perfect day and perfect week

Now that you know how much work you need to be doing to reach your goals for 2019, it’s time to map it out in the “perfect day” and “perfect week.” Are you sensing a trend here? We want you to be organized and efficient with your time! Putting things into a plan holds you accountable and keeps you on track.

Anyways, back to the perfect day and perfect week. Go ahead and click here to download the great day planner, and click here for the great week planner. When planning a “great day,” this form plans out your listing activity, sales activity, revenue and closings. While it allows you to create goals for each day, it also holds you accountable by requesting that you truthfully input the actual amounts for each of the goals you set for the day. By completing this, you can keep track of your daily tasks and accomplish things that align with your overall 2019 goals.

In regards to a “great week”, this is all about time management. Take a look at the weekly planner. While it does mention completing and showing to your coach, that applies to those individuals who are enrolled in my One on One Coaching program (if you’re curious about this click here). Those of you not enrolled in this can still determine how much time each week you will dedicate to things like follow up, exercise, family time, prospecting and things of the like. By blocking out your time for these things, you can again hold yourself accountable to get tasks completed.  

5. Follow changing trends and know what is happening in the market

While we touched upon what happened in the market during 2018, 2019 could be an entirely different scenario. It is important to stay up to date with things trending in the industry. There are likely going to be changed in the social media area as video continues to make an impact on the market.

It’s not too late to make a change and commit to changing your business. Questions about any of this? Comment below and reach out! We’re always happy to help.