Not Having Systems In Your Business Affects More Than Just Your Bottom Line

If you are in the real estate industry then you’ve heard more than one expert (myself included) tell you how you have to implement systems in your business if you ever want to reach your full potential and stop leaving money on the table. And you know what? You don’t disagree. You know it’s true and yet for some reason many of you reading this still haven’t taken the time to set up your business in a way that doesn’t require you to repeat various activities over and over again unnecessarily.

So why is that? I have my theories. The first is that people as a whole really don’t desire the great success that they claim to want. In fact most people, by nature, really want just enough to get by. That’s why complacency kicks in once you make a deal that pays your bills for the next two months. Our greatest human instinct is survival. We call it “fight or flight” but it’s really just survival. We were created with the instinct to survive, not necessarily to thrive.

My second theory is that I don’t believe that most people understand the affect that not having good systems in place in your business has on your overall health.

Have you ever felt stressed because you are doing way too much yourself? Stress isn’t all bad though. Our bodies were created to release hormones and increase our heart and breathing rates during stressful periods so that we could better deal with difficult situations and problems more effectively.

The problem that too many are experiencing is CHRONIC STRESS. This is not a good thing.

Did you know that chronic stress leads to anxiety, insomnia, headaches, over and under eating, alcohol and drug abuse and even social withdrawal (not a good thing if you sell real estate for a living).

That’s not it though. Chronic stress has also been linked to an increased chance of getting diseases like diabetes and influenza and even affects the amount of time it takes to recover from sickness and injury.

It doesn’t take a doctor to understand that doing anything that would cause chronic stress in your life isn’t the best idea for you both financially and from a health perspective.

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With this in mind here are some basic rules to follow when creating your systems so you can begin the process now of avoiding chronic stress in your life.

  1. Anything You Do More Than Three Times Deserves A System – I’m not sure where the “three times” thing came from but the overall point is that anything you are doing over and over is a waste of your time. Just like you have a system where your DVR is set up to record new episodes of shows you like, your business deserves even more of a systematic approach. (There are more details and specific examples in the video on this page)

  2. Have The Right Tools – Yes, having the right tools is part of having great systems, and yes, you will most likely have to spend money for this to happen. Just like having a car makes it easier for you to show houses, having a CRM makes it easier for you to implement your systems.

  3. Don’t Wait Until You Need Systems (It’s Too Late) – Chances are most of you have already passed this point so the time is now, but for the rest of you, the time is also now. Set up your systems before you are crazy and don’t have the time. Just like you should hire an assistant before you need them, you should implement good systems while you still have the time to do so.

  4. You Must Commit – It’s not enough to implement systems because “you know they are good for everyone else on your team”. If you don’t commit to them and understand them, nobody else on the team will take them serious either. Leadership starts at the top and you can’t lead someone to a place you aren’t willing to go.

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Having systems is one of the best things you could ever do for your business, but more importantly, not having systems is one of the worst things you could ever do for your business and your overall health.