How Do You Gain Confidence in Real Estate?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can maximize your confidence when dealing with sales, you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to break down how you can gain confidence into four simple steps that should, if implemented correctly, turn your fears, embarrassments, and uncertainty into a new-found sense of accomplishment, certainty, and assurance. This process will deal with reframing how you deal with negativity, pitfalls, and the unknown- which, surprisingly, isn’t so scary after all. Your success moving forward will be dependent on following these steps, no matter how hard the learning curve is. The quicker you can learn to substitute your skill for talent, the quicker you can start measuring and increasing your success.

First, let’s define skill. Skill, especially in an ever-growing market, applies to people who can seemingly flourish by simply charming others, telling jokes, and being outgoing; however, as this growing market expands, the amount of skilled individuals grows as well. If everyone is as funny, as outgoing, and as clever as everyone else, how can YOU be the best? Well, that’s where talent comes in. Talent is something that is learned, and something that can only be gained when you have a sense of confidence in yourself, and in your craft.

Now that we’ve defined the above, let’s get down to the four ways YOU can increase your confidence, and consequently, your skill.

1) Practice.

Confidence comes from a sense of certainty. Practice will allow you to hone your skills, which undoubtedly increases your sense of confidence. Nobody has ever gotten good at anything by just thinking about it- you must act. How can you practice? Develop dialogues in order to always expect the unexpected. Have the answers to everything, and then there is no fear within you. The absence of this fear gives way to confidence.

2) Screw up.

In order to get results, you ultimately must screw up. Feeling the emotion of embarrassment (versus feeling the FEAR of embarrassment) will allow you to grow in ways that would be impossible without the failure. The effect of feeling these negative, fleeting emotions reframes the way that we will approach future instances. By experiencing the things that you fear the most, not only are you desensitized to something you deemed extremely traumatizing, but you are also given the opportunity to grow and learn, knowing first-hand the chain of events that led up to the failure. Instead of looking at a failure as just that, reframe it and ask yourself “How can I change this for next time?”, “What did I learn from this?”.

3) Celebrate small victories.

A majority of the thoughts we have during the day are negative. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the negative- keep track of all the positive things that you have done thus far. Constantly thinking of the negative is not cohesive with growing your own confidence- instead, reflect, learn, and move on from the negatives.

4) Get help.

Generally first you learn, then you earn; however, a key part of the equation is certainly missing here, and that is *execution*. You must actually execute before you earn. Things don’t just happen from thinking about it, which means that you must actually have a game plan ready to go once you learn. Many people find execution to be the hardest part of this equation, which is why it’s always recommended to GET HELP. Whether this help is through our company or another company, you must find some personality to relate to who is able to walk you through the various stages of execution.

Now that we’ve outlined the 4 ways that you can gain more confidence, you should be ready to implement these steps in your average day-to-day in order to really maximize the skill that you have. Confidence is the most important thing you can have, and now you know how easy it is to get it. Go get it.

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