Getting Over Your Fear of Video

Video is commonly something that many of us avoid. We love to watch them yet there are those few who say they will never be in front of the camera. We ask, why?

You are constantly sending out calls, texts and voice messages which comes through on a consistent basis just like everyone else. Because of this, there is no differentiating factor that sets you apart from everyone else. One way to truly differentiate yourself is by creating video. When a person sees you, you’ve created a story. With that story, they will find a connection with you and want to learn more. Once they have watched you once, they’ll want to continue watching you again and again.

A big bonus that comes when you use video is that you are less likely to get denied than if you were to send out an email or text message. It is very difficult to deny or disregard a face. We are not saying to get rid of email and text messaging, we’re just saying that you should incorporate video along with whatever else it is that you send out. 

Now the real question is, why are you really avoiding video?

There are multitudes of potential reasons that one could give but let’s be real: you do not like what you look and sound like. We get it, it can be scary and different but think of it this way, everyone knows what you look and sound like. It’s not like you walk around every day with a bag over your head, you simply are who you are. It is almost as if because we can rewatch ourselves, visually see and hear ourselves, that this is where many seem to draw the line and say, “Oh no, I can’t do that. I don’t like seeing myself on video”. Now that you are reading this out-loud, it sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? 

However, this is great for you. It is great because you are not alone, everyone is scared of being on video. This is your opportunity to jump forward and get an advantage over your competitors. When taking advantage of this opportunity, just know that you do not need to be looking for perfection. There is no need for you to do multiple takes and mask yourself with a filter or two. Perfection was never the goal so you need to stop trying to make it happen. Instead of perfection, look for connection and how you can connect with your viewers like we mentioned earlier. A great way to find that connection is to be yourself. Do not be afraid to show your true personality. For instance, if you have a unique laugh or make silly dad jokes, go for it because we’re sure that many will share those same quirks as you. It is going to take time for you to get comfortable so just remember, nobody starts as an expert. 

All in all, creating videos is about keeping up with the trends of consumer behavior. 73% of homeowners say they would prefer an agent who uses video, but only 9% of real estate professionals are currently using video to market themselves. You may not enjoy creating videos and you may not like going live on Facebook, but trends in consumer behavior have shown this to be beneficial to generating business. 

The biggest thing that you can take out of this is to start and to start now. Do not be afraid to take the opportunity because if you don’t, somebody else will. 

Jared JamesComment