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2019 Jared James Offers




Price (Individual Agent): $499/month with a 12 month commitment

Price (Year Up Front): $5,500/year* with a 12 month commitment

Includes: 2 calls per month with your coach, 1 group broadcast per month with Jared and all the other One on One students and access to our Virtual Coaching.

*1 month FREE


Price (Individual Agent): $999/month with a 12 month commitment

Price (Year Up Front): $11,000/year* with a 12 month commitment

Includes: 4 calls per month with your coach, 1 group broadcast per month with Jared and all the other One on One students and access to our Virtual Coaching.

*1 month FREE


Price: $749/month with a 12 month commitment

Price (Year Up Front): $8,250/year* with a 12 month commitment

Includes: 2 calls per month, one with your coach and one with your coach and a mastermind of other similar professionals, 1 group broadcast per month with Jared and access to our Virtual Coaching.

*Note: Team Leader Coaching is only available to agents or brokers that desire to form a team or brokerage or need to make their current team or brokerage run better and become more profitable using today’s techniques, strategies, structures and financial models.

*1 month FREE

If you are looking for brokerage wide or team wide training and want to offer our Virtual Coaching as well as our branded BluePrint For Real Estate Success course to all of your agents, click the button below to get more information!

Jarja Media CRM

Ditch the piles of to-do-lists, lengthy spreadsheets, out-dated e-mail templates and your three-ring address book. The Jarja CRM keeps your relationships organized - so you can worry about the big stuff - like where your business is coming from. 

If you need an account with more than 2 users just fill out the Pro 5 or Pro 10 consult form and someone from sales will be in touch right away. 

spotlight marketing

We know you don’t have the time, the tools, or the arsenal accessible to you that would enable your marketing campaigns to flourish. That’s where we come in by promoting your business through social media advertising, Google AdWords, newsletters, blogs, websites, landing pages, etc.

marketing pricing.jpg

Spotlight Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Do you want to be one of the top results when people search for you or a service you offer? Of course you do. With a well-planned PPC campaign, we’ll expertly craft a list of search keywords that will automatically highlight your website at the top of popular search engines, ensuring you are connected to people who are actively looking for you and your services.


Socially Relevant

Sometimes your social media might feel like the Wild West, and we get that. No official rulebook, no sense of direction, some tumbleweeds, and a whole lot of potential . If your social media is the Wild West, we're the Cowboy. Let us wrangle it all in for you.

social pricing.jpg


We know you have a lot of better things to do with your time than to be managing paperwork and deadlines. Our transaction coordinators won’t be able to fold your laundry but they will be able to handle the repetitive tasks involved with closing transactions. Let’s start putting some checks on that check list!

Digital Business Card

How often do you exchange business cards? Does your business card have your social media on it? It’s probably the most important part of connecting with someone. How many times have you told someone, “follow me on Facebook here and Instagram here”? We are here to make it simple. We will create a digital business card for you with a unique domain like www.ConnectWithYou.com and a landing page with links to all your social profiles. See templates below for examples of what your digital business card can look like.

2019 Advance Replay

Weren’t able to attend the Advance in Nashville? Purchase the replay of the advance and get Two days of amazing content from October 7th & 8th covering a broad variety of topics including:

The power of being different, The state of the current market and how to capitalize, How to build a big database and leverage it, How to build a million dollar local brand, 7 stages of team development, Scaling your business with virtual assistants, How to grow your business without hating it, Realtor Safety, The fundamental shift about to hit the real estate industry, Psychology of lead conversion, You are one system away from your breakthrough, What a productive schedule looks like, How to track your business, Trusting the process, The 7 areas you must master moving forward.

In addition you get all of the slides included for each presentation and The motivation and strategies that you need to dominate 2020!


This includes:

  • Weekly LIVE broadcast with Jared James at 12pm EST - available the entire week to watch at your convenience

  • A huge database of scripts, letters, and templates across a variety of topics including FSBO's, Expired's, Buyer's and Seller's, Referrals, & Social Media Follow Up

  • A series of quick hit videos that walk you through specific templates or cover our most commonly asked questions.


If you are new to the real estate business, just need a jumpstart or know that you never really learned how to run a predictable business, you need to sign up for this course. This 11-module program will take you through everything you need to know to start growing a successful real estate business!


Rehumanize your communication with BombBomb. Video email builds trust, converts leads, and wins referrals by getting you face to face more often. Check out BOMBBOMB to start your free 14-day trial and to get exclusive content to Jared James users - no credit card required. Your system will include great real estate content and scripts you won't find anywhere else!


Homebot drives repeat and referral business for real estate agents and loan officers by helping their clients build wealth. Use promo code: advance for first month free and $50 setup fee waived!


KCM helps agents explain what’s happening in the market and how it affects their buyers and sellers by giving them smart tools to stay on top of the ever changing real estate landscape.

agent legend

Increase your lead response rate by 3x and close more deals. Schedule a demo today to find out how:


Work with a MyOutDesk business growth specialist to design a step-by-step action strategy for growth & cost-savings in your business by implementing our Jared James Certified Assistants in your business for prospecting, marketing & CRM related tasks! Schedule your call now – get 1 week absolutely free!

Listings to Leads

Let's face it - much of the technology that you have heard about over the past few years, you still don't understand. Let Listings-To-Leads do the work for you and help you leverage your listings for more leads. It also auto-generates your virtual tour, flyers, single property websites, YouTube video, and more! Go to www.listingstoleads.com/jaredjames to get 30 days of FREE LEADS!!! If you decide after that time that it is not worth it, simply cancel your account and don't pay a dime. This is probably one of the greatest steals out there for the amount of leads you can generate for the price.