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First off...



What are we doing on Facebook for you

and what do you need to know



Why has your Facebook account been

flagged and when will it be up again



How to view your ad and

see the results on Facebook


How to convert a

lead over the phone


How do I convert partial and full leads once I get them?

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How to follow up with seller leads

Immediate Seller Follow-Up

Ongoing Partial Seller Lead Follow-Up

Using Calls to action to convert seller leads

How to follow up with leads after it's been 5-6 months & you still haven't heard back from them

How to follow up with buyer leads

Immediate Buyer Lead Follow Up

Ongoing Buyer Lead Follow Up


Q. Why haven't I received any leads yet?

A. It usually takes a few days to start receiving leads and in many cases you want to give it a week before you can really tell what kind of results you are going to get. But keep in mind, that is part of what we do as well. We are always monitoring and adjusting your account to make sure you get the kind of results that we all desire.

Q. I was getting leads and now they seemed to have stopped. Any idea what happened?

A. It's possible that your ad budget on Facebook was reached and ad was turned off so it's important that you keep an eye on your notifications on Facebook because we would have no way of knowing that this happened.

It's also possible that your ad has been flagged for fraudulent activity. This happens when people are adding their credit card for the first time and running an ad and Facebook wants to confirm that the ad was created for you and is not a scam.

Q. Any idea why I'm not seeing all my lead information in the back end where I log in?

A. The lead information displayed on the back end shows the basic information but because we represent so many different clients from so many different industries with several different fields of information they are trying to gather, we can only display the common fields that will work for all our clients. You can always access the full lead information by downloading your leads as a .csv file. Your leads are also sent to you in an email when they are created with all of the information for the fields that were completed.

Q. Can I integrate these leads with a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) and with who?

A. Absolutely! At the current moment we don't have the ability to automatically integrate with any CRM's but are working on it. Until that point it is extremely easy to download your leads from our back end as a .csv file and upload them into whatever CRM you choose to use.

Q. I have multiple zip codes - how do you name the landing page and stealth business page?

A. Depending on how many landing pages and ads that you purchased, we generally name your landing pages and business pages based on a common area which can include a county name or location (Northern Colorado) etc.

Q. How do I follow up on a partial lead?

A. See the videos posted above.

Q. Can you use my existing domains?

A. Yes we can but if you were using your current domain name with another lead provider before us, we will need you to contact that company and have them release the domain before we can use it with our landing pages.

Q. Why do you need my Facebook log in information?

A. Many of the leads that we create for you are done through direct targeting from Facebook ads. Facebook ads can only be created when connected to a business page and any business page has to be connected to a personal profile. We use your information to log in to your personal account and access your settings so that we can make ourselves an administrator on your business account and create ads and pages for you going forward without having to log in with your credentials.

Q. I am not getting as many leads as I would like. Should I increase my daily budget?

A. Absolutely! That's one of the beauties of digital marketing. If you aren't getting the response that you want you can easily increase the amount of people Facebook puts the ad in front of and increase your chances of more quality clicks/leads by increasing your daily budget. Just email us at marketing@jaredjamestoday.com if you want to do this.

Q. What if I want to change my ads, the types of leads I am targeting or the location I am targeting them in. Can I do that?

A. Yes! That's what is so great about our marketing department. You can change anything about your targeting or location or just about anything else at any time simply by emailing us at marketing@jaredjamestoday.com Keep in mind though that in order to get the best results for your investment, you want to give your ads the time they need to work in your local area and not keep changing them on a regular basis.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Cancellation Policy: Your marketing pro account subscription is set to renew 1 month from the day your ad goes live. If you are a listings package clients, your account subscription is set to renew 1 month from the date of purchase. Please note that any cancellations requested 7 days after your subscription renews will not be refunded.