money back guarantee

You may be entitled to receive a full refund of your one on one coaching fees if the following terms are met:

  • you do not close/have pending 3 deals during your 12 month consecutive coaching contract

  • you have completed one year (during 12 consecutive months) term of Jared James one on one coaching contract

  • You must be present on all scheduled coaching calls and your coach can produce video documentation that you were present on all scheduled coaching calls

  • You have tracked and reported all of your sales numbers monthly to your coach on: Database Contacts, Listing Appointments, buyer Appointments, GCI, Listings Taken, Listings Sold, Buyers Sold.

  • You are a current full time licensed Real Estate Agent and work at least 25 hours Real Estate business per week

  • You have implemented 3 recommended systems from your coach for the full term of your coaching

  • You have completed all required homework given to you by your coach and your coach has signed off and agreed

  • You have not failed to pay for a scheduled coaching payment within 30 days in which it was due on your coaching contract