Frank Riga


Location: Woodbridge, Ontario

Member Since: 2017

 I recently signed on for the 1 on 1 coaching program with Jared James Enterprises. Upon registration, I was asked to submit a DISC profile on myself which allowed the company to match me up with a coach that would be suitable for me. I believe that they did a fantastic job as I have recently commenced with my 1 on 1 coaching and am very happy with my coach and the advice that he has to offer! Right from the start he analyzed my business, finances and daily routine and almost instantly had me change or revise things around. Everything that he asks me to do comes along with a justification as to why he suggests so and his recommendations make perfect sense! I now feel that I have a clear and concise direction to follow in order to truly establish a business that is driven by systems. The best part so far about being in this program is that my coach actually cares!! In addition to our standard bi weekly phone calls, he checks in with me via email or phone in order to provide me with advice, accountability and new tools or suggestions. For anyone who is starting the business or feels that they have hit a road block in their career, the Jared James coaching program is definitely for you!"

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