Hi everyone! It was so great being with you all the last couple of days! I promised you that I would create a page where you could watch the free training I did on Facebook.  

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Also, I've had some of you message me questions about coaching because I really didn't go over it or sell anything in my keynote. If any of you are interested in our Virtual or One on One coaching options you can Click here to learn more and choose your option now. If you put in the promo code: "Events" with the virtual coaching you can get it for $49/month or $499/year. That's a steal. 

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Here are the slides that I used that I promised you could get a copy of.

Here is the Free Training on How to create seller leads on Facebook

Below are the links to take advantage of the special offers Jared mentioned on this free training. They are now available to anyone that wants to take advantage of them since we handled the initial rush.