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Welcome to the Jared James Today Show! The name of the show really works with all of Jared's social handles which are almost all @jaredjamestoday Enjoy the show and please feel free to share it with anyone you know in the real estate industry that wants to get better at what they do!

Episode 12

How to gain confidence in real estate

Episode 11

7 things every top realtor should be doing

Episode 10

5 proven phrases you need to work into your real estate business

Episode 9 

4 rules to convert more real estate leads

Episode 8

How to keep a positive mental mindset

Episode 7

5 rules to creating better systems in your real estate business

Episode 6

7 ways you can create transactions as a real estate agent 

Episode 5

How to develop a team 

Episode 4

How the internet has changed your real estate business

Episode 3

How and when to hire a real estate agent

Episode 2

How to break through a plateau in your real estate business

Episode 1

What should a new agent be doing their first 6-12 months to get their career started off on the right foot?