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Strategies To Pick Up More Listings

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New Listing Prospecting Letter

New Listing Prospecting Letter Template

The new listing prospecting letter is based on the idea that when new properties are listed in an area, statistics tell us that other neighbors are going to list their house shortly after and there is no reason why you shouldn't be the agent representing them!

Buyer Neighborhood Letter

Buyer Neighborhood Letter Template

Buyer Neighborhood Letter Follow Up

Check out this training to learn how to leverage your buyers looking at a house in a neighborhood into you listing the next house that comes up there.

Expired Listing Campaigns

PayDay Candy Bar Campaigns for Expired Listings and more!

PayDay Candy Bar Template

Getting sellers of properties that have previously not sold can be a tricky business so it's important that you stand out from the crowd. Watch the video to the left to see one more way that you can do just that.

Listing For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Properties

For Sale By Owners

For Sale By Owner Script

No matter where you live in the world the objection is always the same with a FSBO. Watch the training and use the script now to convert more For Sale By Owners into listings for your business!

Other Strategies to Gain Business

Pizza Order Form

Pizza Order Form Template

Check out this training on one simple but brilliant way to leverage your current closings to gain future business through the best source that you have; your own clients!

Here's how you promote your listings on Facebook to get people to your open houses and attract new buyers

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